Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26th, 2016

6th Grade Language Arts: Took NWEA reading test today.

5th Grade Language Arts: Continued  independent reading unit. Complete the following reading prompts for homework.

Who is the main character? Write 5 descriptive words about the main character’s personality and explain WHY you chose those words using evidence from the text to support your thinking.

Write a summary of the chapters you read. Include the character, setting  and main events.

Read nightly
·         5th grade reading response due tomorrow. 
·         Work on September writing bingo. This is due on Friday, September 30th.
·         Log into google classroom.  Use your google username/password from last year. 
·         Class codes:  6th Language Arts:  5vu49s
§  Burdick Social Studies: f8zau0o
§  Burns Social Studies:  k2dq0kl

Social Studies: Began lesson 3 and vocab. We will take a test on lesson 1 on Wednesday. This will be open book.  We will work on test taking strategies.

Watch the presidential debate tonight. 

Homework:  Lesson 3 vocab due on Wednesday.
·         Debate homework due on Wednesday

·         Late start next Tuesday, September 27th

Book orders due Friday, September 30th. You may order online.