Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

6th Grade Language Arts;   Presented R and E’s.  Prompt #2 for book club is due tomorrow.

5th Grade Language Arts :Same lesson as 6th grade.  


·         Read nightly and remember to have a chapter book daily for language arts.
·         March is reading month!!!
·         Remember you must have your book club book daily. You receive points for this.

Social Studies: no class today.  We presented R and E’s

Homework :  no homework

Word Study:  Write a paragraph imitating the models sentences and paragraphs we reviewed in class.

Lesson 3 for spelling focusing on Root word: Cred and prefix de/dis

This work is due Friday, March 31st.

·         We are low on tissues. Donations would be appreciated.
·         I will be closing the grade book on April 11th.  All missing and late work must be turned in by that day.