Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

6th Grade Language Arts: Began researching information for next opinion paper.  Deciding on what claim they want to research.

5th Grade Language Arts: Received school lunch reform paper and went over their grades.  Began brainstorming a topic for the next opinion paper.

Received conjunction packet this is due next Monday.  Word of the day packet is also due on Monday (2-29-16)


·         Read nightly
·         Word of the Day packet (make sure you are working on it nightly)

Word Study
·         Today we started are spelling program.  Students are grouped based on a spelling assessment given last month.  They worked with the teacher that was in charge of their sort.  They were assigned homework to complete nightly.  They will be tested on Friday.  We will have this class every Friday afternoon.

Social Studies: Read lesson 8 and completed reading notes.

·         Current events


·         Read-A- Thon on Monday, February 29th.