Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Language Arts: 
6th Grade: Continued working on personal narrative and discussed how to add a strong lead. We also listened to a personal narrative to get idea on how to improve our writing.
5th Grade:   Same lesson as 6th grade

·         Remember to read nightly.
·         Grammar packets due on Monday, October 13th

Social Studies: Cave activities for lesson 1. Completed all of lesson 1
·         Completed all of lesson 1 in the ISN sections 1.2-1.9 by Thursday if you did not finish in class.

Science Literacy:  Students were assigned roles for the mock election for Governor.  They began working in teams.

          Homework:  Remember to have our Governor packet in school every day!
·         Bring your devices to school to help with your campaign. 

·         Rouge Trip tomorrow.  Dress appropriately.